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Yes, Minnie, soon ...

The dog is whining beside me. It's 8:27 a.m. and she's eager to get out of this house and gone. You see, Wednesday is when she goes to doggie day care. And she LOVES doggie day care.

The trouble is, we can't get there before 9 a.m. and it's a 10-minute drive. I've explained that to her but she just doesn't want to listen. Yip, I hear, followed by a bark. Translation: Don't care, let's GO!!!!

The cat is ready for the dog to be gone, I think. She is casting the evil eye in Minnie's direction. But since Bitsy is a good little kitty, she won't go after her with tooth and nails. She will just continue to glare.

Minnie is like a toddler while Bitsy is the ever-patient older sibling, enduring this nuisance because they are forced to share the same house. I understand. I am an older sister.

I'm not sure exactly what Minnie does in day care except there are appropriate activities and then she spends the rest of the time on the receptionist's lap. Tbose two have a bond. Last week, her friend told me the clinic work schedule was changing and she wouldn't be there on Wednesday anymore. We kinda made an agreement that Minnie will drop in on surgery days, when the front office isn't busy, so they can have a play date. Or rather, snuggle time.

Actually, I'm sort of jealous. No one has invited me to drop in on them at work and just hang, or get that huge smile when they see my head hanging out the window when I arrive. Then again, I'm not Minnie.

So I guess I'll settle for just being good old me, and not the ray of sunshine for an entire veterinary clinic.

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